FoxWood Run Farm

 We are preparing for 2017 in a BIG WAY!

We have added dairy goats to the farm, and should be able to start offering fresh, wholesome goat milk to our offerings this year!!

We are also expanding our ability to raise our amazing, fresh, additive-free pasture raised chicken! And, in an effort to spread our gospel of integrity food, we have a simple way for our existing customers to earn some free product! It’s super easy: for any new customer that you refer, we’ll give you 25% off an order. Refer 2? That’s 50%!

Some, obvious quantity limitations will apply, but this is simplest way for us to help you get our fresh birds out to the people you care about, and you get some free integrity raised food! We all win!

2017 Will see more of our amazing products featured at the Garlic Poet! They are serving our amazing pasture raised eggs, pasture raised chicken as well as making an in-house ricotta with our goats milk! These are unbelievably delicious creations by the chef’s at the Poet!
The Garlic Poet
The Garlic Poet

As we continue to expand and preach our message of fresh, wholesome, pasture raised meat, we are pleased to also announce that our amazing chicken will be available at the Dover Farmers market, located at 5010 Carlisle Rd. Dover, PA!
Dover Farmers Market
Dover Farmers Market


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