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Product Update!! 

 Although our 2017 Poultry season has come to a close, we are excited to announce that we are now able to offer you fresh, antibiotic and steroid free LOCAL rabbit! Raised right here on the farm by Tim and Ann! If you are interested in ordering, please drop an email to Tim.

Thank you for an amazing 2017!

Our 2017 season for poultry has come to a close, and we are grateful to our amazing customers for making it a wonderful year, for allowing us to do what we love, for helping us to spread the word about integrity food.

 2017 Saw more of our amazing products featured at the Garlic Poet! They were serving our amazing pasture raised eggs, pasture raised chicken as well as making an in-house ricotta with our goats milk! These are unbelievably delicious creations by the chef’s at the Poet!
The Garlic Poet
The Garlic Poet

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