About Us

FoxWood Run Farm, LLC as a business, was founded in 2014. But, Tim and Ann have been living and working on this land for over 2 decades. Ann has been working with, owning, boarding and training horses of all temperament and personality for even longer! Tim, after having a few various professions; ranging from playing drums in regional rock bands to professional wrestling up and down the East Coast, always having a garden on farm, swinging a hammer to hang fence, or do any other chores that needed done.

In early 2014, after much research on the benefits of We have the freshest eggs in York!pasture raising chickens, both for meat and eggs, the science of land-healing, and the value of understanding the ‘Food-Soil-Web,’ Tim and Ann decided the time was right to start offering these nutrient dense, delicious, natural and additive free poultry and fresh eggs to friends (new and old), family and the community.

They currently offer wholesome and delicious chicken, eggs, goat’s milk and goat meat raised on fresh pasture and sunlight, as well as a family oriented horse boarding facility, even using the horse manure as a vital part of the land fertility cycle.

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