Goat Meat

Goat MeatGoat Meat

If you are interested in ordering some fresh, locally grown, pasture based goat meat, please contact us! Our animals are humanely processed by a USDA inspected abattoir.


If you are a local business or restaurant, we can make special arrangements with you for pricing. Don’t hesitate to email us!


Some of the cuts we can  provide for you are:

Updated costs - 2021
Updated costs – 2021 Please note NEW prices for 2021. 

What are the cuts?

Here is a great little ‘meat map’ that shows the general location of all the cuts.

Even the obscure ones…

Goat Meat Cuts

A few notes:

  • We do NOT process the animals on farm.
  • We take them to a USDA inspected abattoir who custom cuts, wraps and freezes for us. The cost of this service is rolled into the per pound price.
  • Not all cuts are available at all times. But, we are happy to take advance orders.
  • Our abattoir can custom cut a whole animal for you, to whatever specifications you request. You must order a whole animal for this service, and a nominal additional charge may be added.
  • When ordering a whole or half animal, a $125.00 deposit is required.