Goat Meat

Goat Meat

If you are interested in ordering some fresh, locally grown, pasture based goat meat, please contact us!


Some of the cuts we canĀ  provide for you are:

Goat Cuts_IMG

What are the cuts?

Here is a great little ‘meat map’ that shows the general location of all the cuts.

Even the obscure ones…

Goat Meat Cuts

A few notes:

  • We do NOT process the animals on farm.
  • We take them to a USDA inspected abattoir who custom cuts, wraps and freezes for us. The cost of this is rolled into the per pound price.
  • Not all cuts are available at all times.
  • Our abattoir can custom cut a whole animal for you, to whatever specifications you request. You must order a whole animal for this service, and a nominal additional charge may be added.
  • When ordering a whole or half animal, a $125.00 deposit is required.