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In addition to processing your whole goat (purchased from us, of course), we are able to offer custom deer/venison processing.

Please note 2023 price changes. We apologize for the increase, but it was unfortunately necessary due to current economic conditions.

There are a few rules, however:

(This page started out as a ‘rules’ page, but has become an FAQ… So lets go with that… )


      • Animals MUST be purchased from us to be slaughtered and processed here. We operate under the USDA “Custom Exemption.” This means that all meat processed here will NOT enter the retail commerce chain, and as such, will be labeled with a “NOT FOR SALE” sticker or label.
      • Can more than one person own an animal? Answer—Yes. But, animals MUST be paid for in advance to use this service.
      • Can I ‘inspect’ the butcher shop before agreeing to use service? Answer – Absolutely Yes! It is a small shop to be sure, but you are more than welcome to look it over before agreeing to the service. Transparency is highly valued here.
      • Do you also process venison (deer) harvested by hunters? Yes, absolutely. Pricing will vary by season, but it is a service we offer as well.
      • What are your prices?  Good question. As we all know, the price of everything is skyrocketing! We are doing our best to ‘hold the line’ on our pricing. If you require specific cuts, or aren’t in the market for a whole animal, the price sheet below is what our prices are  at the time this is published.

2023 Goat Meat Price Guide

  • How do I order a whole goat? Another great question! If you purchase a whole goat from us, the process is pretty simple.
    • First we need to know. So, call or email us.
    • We’ll get you on the schedule for processing as soon as we receive a $125 deposit. That will be used as the butchering fee. Once the animal is harvested, we’ll let you know what the “hanging weight” is.
      • This is what the animal weighs after being dispatched, skinned and the viscera removed. The final price is $7.99/pound of Hanging Weight.
    • Once you have that, you can tell us how you want the meat cut and packaged (cut sheet).
    • Once it’s done, we’ll freeze it (or, at your request keep it in the cooler) and then call you to pick it up.
      • We accept cash, checks (from a local bank), PayPal and with a 3% processing fee.
    • What about ‘organ meat?’
      • We offer a couple options. First, we can provide you with heart, liver, kidneys and for a small cleaning fee, intestines and ‘tripe.’ As well as the head (I hear it makes a lovely soup) vacuum sealed and frozen just like any other cuts.  We can also, at your request, add it to the mix for ground goat as a way to add extra vitamins and minerals to your ground goat.


  • Please call us as soon as you know you will have a deer for processing. Time is critical for the quality and safety of your harvested animal. And we will NEED to get it skinned and in the cooler to chill as soon as possible. If the deer cannot be brought into us immediately after field dressing, we highly recommend stuffing the cavity full of ice until you can make it in.
  • If you do NOT field dress your harvested deer, there will be an additional $25 charge.
    • However, as a whole animal butcher, we believe in using as much of the animal as possible. So, if you’d like the organs cleaned and returned to you, please have them in a cooler or on ice, and we will clean them and return them to you vac-sealed and frozen.
  • We do NOT make bologna or cured/smoked products (yet). We will provide you with plenty of ground, at your request, for you to make your own or have it made. We are simply not equipped or licensed to provide this service at present.
  • Cost? Deer Processing – $125 flat fee. This includes the skinning, cleaning, cutting, vacuum sealing and freezing of your harvested deer.
    • Leg Steaks
    • Loin Chops or Whole Loin
    • Burger/Ground
      • Upon request, we can also provide:
        • Leg Roast (maximum of 2)
        • Neck Roast


If you have any questions that are not listed her, please email Tim and ask. The response will be quick, and will probably be added to this page.