New in 2022 is the addition of “McMaster Rock N’ Roll Custom Butchery.” Where we are able to process your whole goat for you, right here on farm!

There are a few rules, however:

      • Animals MUST be purchased from us to be slaughtered and processed here. We operate under the USDA “Custom Exemption.” This means that all meat processed here will NOT enter the retail commerce chain, and as such, will be labeled with a “NOT FOR SALE” sticker or label.
      • Can more than one person own an animal? Answer—Yes. But, animals MUST be paid for in advance to use this service.
      • Can I ‘inspect’ the butcher shop before agreeing to use service? Answer – Absolutely Yes! It is a small shop to be sure, but you are more than welcome to look it over before agreeing to the service. Transparency is highly valued here.
      • Do you also process venison (deer) harvested by hunters? Yes, absolutely. Pricing will vary by season, but it is a service we offer as well.

If you have any questions that are not listed her, please email Tim and ask. The response will be quick, and will probably be added to this page.